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CRM Integrated AI

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Reaching out to everyone in your dealership's customer database is labor extensive and time-consuming.

You're missing out on sales if you don't re-engage with your past customers — but we get it. 

Having your team take on this task can take away from their immediate responsibilities. 

Auto Trader states that 

"The average length of time drivers keep a new vehicle is 71.4 months — around 6 years"

Car Park

Matt Valenta, Paramount's Director of Information Technology, realized the need for engagement when he noticed that our clients had leads sitting for over 6 years! This brought on the development of integrated artificial intelligence that will automatically call, text, and email everyone in your customer database. Allowing you to reconnect and get them to make a new purchase!

Equity Artificial Intelligence

BDC Artificial Intelligence

Are your leads collecting dust?

Stressed Man

Our A.I. is designed to create more interactions with your leads in order to assist your overworked

or underperforming BDC

Our A.I. carefully crafts responses from over 30 years of consumer data, including replies and reactions proven to convert. 

Unlike other lead follow up software on the market, ours knows when and when not to engage with a customer.


With our AI working hand in hand with the same systems/ CRM that your team uses to interact with customers it an accurately decide if and when a customer needs follow-up.

On top of all that our AI will also back up your team by responding to new leads as they come in helping to ensure manufacture compliance with your lead response times.

Our Results

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196 Leads

3820 texts sent

4900 emails sent

47 shows



131 Leads

3275 texts sent

4367 emails sent

30 shows




91 Leads

4550 texts sent

6067 emails sent

18 shows


Paramount's CRM integrated A.I. easily identifies more solds and reengages your previous customers quickly without adding more responsibility for your team

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