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Paramount Conquest

Dominate your Primary Market Area today!

Stop losing your service to third party auto repair companies and other dealerships. We regularly engage your customers with service promotions and update them with NHTSA's new search tool to let them know if their vehicle has not been repaired as part of a safety recall. We also recall your service customer's that haven't been in your shop for service in over a year. 

Paramount Lead Solutions analyzes your competitive landscape and creates a conquest strategy that targets customers looking to service or buy at other dealerships.



Under the Car
White Cars

We analyze your CRM's daily to actively find opportunities that are ready to buy. We then qualify these prospects with our equity mining strategies to re-engage with them before they see another dealership's advertisements or receive a phone call from a competitors BDC.

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Start competing in your PMA today. Our sales & services playbook will engage with every type of prospect you have and will have personalized messages depending on the promotions and incentives you have available. 


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There are over 62 million recalls and most dealerships are not engaging with those opportunities. We use NHTSA's search tool to target all your customers that have vehicles with recalls. Bring them in your service before someone else does!

Monthly Specials

Mailers and digital advertisements are great for engaging with your customers, but there's no feed back. We will directly engage with real people with genuine conversations.

No service 12 months

Do you know where your service customers are going? Are your customers going to another dealership or repair shop for service? Our engagement plan recognizes all concerns they have and our team creates solutions to ensure a quality service experience for your prospects.


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New Vehicles

We analyze your customer database for equity, trade-in quality, lease expirations, and previous prospects.

We will make sure to turn your missed opportunities into loyal customers.

Used Vehicles

Our team recognizes prospects who are most likely in-market for used vehicles.


We can create personalized engagements by understanding your customer's equity positions and your dealership's available financing options.


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Target Tier 1 to Tier 4 credit customers in your area and direct the traffic in your showroom! Our customer engagement strategies are customized for PRIME and SUBPRIME customers!


Do you have specific vehicles you need to sell? Our integrated A.I. looks for in-market shoppers and creates an unforgettable buying experience for the vehicles they want.


Our team is diverse with different backgrounds and understanding of various demographics. Apply that to the power of direct marketing and customer service, and you can guarantee you can reach the right customers!

We deliver our program INTERNATIONAlLY

We speak multiple languages!

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Our mixture of digital and traditional marketing is the reason why our conquest campaigns work.

Why Paramount Lead Solutions?

We are fully integrated to your dealership's CRM. We make it easy for you and your team.

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Most BDC's over qualify leads as BAD. We have the ability to convert prospects that are not in the market for a car.

Our process is simple and integrated. We work with every CRM and DMS in the automotive industry.

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Our representatives are constantly trained on the best automotive communication practices. 

Click HERE for our other services if you would like to use our outsourced BDC services to supplement your automotive sales.

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