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Equity Mining 

Direct engagement with your past customers

When you trust Paramount Lead Solutions with your equity mining, you drive quality traffic to your showroom.

Is your BDC overwhelmed or underperforming?


We'll pick it up from here.


Increase your showroom traffic with our data driven engagement strategies.


What you can expect: Lead conversion, traffic, shows and sales all will increase by 30%.

• Your team will have more opportunities to sell.

• Shorten the buying cycles of your previous customers.

• Gain detailed reports of our engagement and understand your customers before they show up!

• Create positive brand awareness for your dealership. Our communication will help customers
 understand your dealership values their business. 

You will realize an outstanding return on investment with Paramount Lead Solutions.

• 3 times ROI on our training program in the first month*

• 5 times ROI with direct dial campaigns*

• Unlimited ROI with fully trained sales staff*


(* - Typical outcomes for clients participating in Paramount Training services)

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