Frequently asked questions

How can you guarantee results?

We have absolute confidence in what we do. We have a proven record to predict with a fair amount of accuracy the results we will produce. And we respect your money. We understand spending decisions with marketing dollars are difficult. We want to provide you with data, make your decision-making easier, see you become a repeat customer, and position your business to achieve its sales goals.

From where do your calls originate?

Paramount Lead Solutions is based in Chicagoland, and all our calls are made from the United States. We do not outsource our calls to overseas companies.

How is your staff trained?

Paramount's entire staff, from the call center to the front office, is trained thoroughly on proper communication etiquette and ethics. All representatives speak clearly and are scripted, but our staff is not robotic - we believe it is important to listen to the customer and be responsive to questions and needs. We customize our calls to fit your the needs of your business.

What is your guarantee?

We start with our “Break Even Guarantee." Some campaigns are more successful than others - location, promotional efforts, and type of business are all factors. We work with our clients to establish minimum guarantees for all services - our account managers can help you with this.

Does Paramount charge for set up?

Yes, set-up fees are based on individual needs. The Paramount Lead Solutions team does not believe in hiding any costs from our customers.

What is the average length of commitment?

That depends on your needs and goals. Paramount programs are can be designed for one-day saturation or as ongoing and monthly efforts.

How much does it cost?

Each campaign is customized. We start with analyzing what you want to achieve. We will present you with options and pricing. Our representatives will be with you every step of the way.

What reporting can I expect to see?

We’ve learned every manager has different preferences for reporting. We deliver campaign data in the format you prefer - email, phone, text ... even fax. We do this as often as you would like to see results. And our staff is responsive whether it's "report day" or not - just call or email at any time.

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