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My lifespan as a digital content creator is just beginning.

Hello, my name is Valeria. I am part of Paramount's newest intern class and a recent graduate from DePaul University with a double major in Fine Arts and Public Relations and Advertising.

Amidst these crazy times, I have the "What am I doing here?" feeling in all aspects of my life.

I left my hometown to pursue a degree, and now that it's over and done with, I felt stuck in a limbo world- directionless and full of fear. Plans that I thought were to come to fruition have been straying more and more as a healthy society is starting to feel unattainable. I had nothing to lose and a world of sales to gain when I walked through these double doors.

Here at Paramount, I have found a lively work-sphere where I can take pride in the "grind time."

My experience thus far has been refreshing. I wake up pumped to understand a new industry and confident that my mentors will challenge me and inspire me for growth in ways grade percentiles never did.

I wish I would have known about an opportunity like this one sooner.

It would have saved me from three unpaid internships and exploitative practices. At Paramount, I feel valued and appreciated for all of the marketing deliverables I have executed thus far.

My lifespan as a digital content creator is just beginning.

Paramount has instilled me with tools and tidbits of advice that give me an exceptional edge. I have gained a new sense of professionalism, and how far professionalism can take you.

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