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The Shelby Touch

Sports cars in the 60s, although impressive in terms of speed, commonly had unreliable engines and constant maintenance.

The idea to build a sports car that featured European performance and an American V-8 engine birthed the 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350. This vehicle paved the way for Carrol Shelby and the impact he provided for the automotive industry. A year after, the Shelby American Ford GT program conquered the track, crushing Ferrari and ultimately winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

After 55 years, Shelby announces the first Carrol Shelby signature edition upgrades for the 2020 GT-500 and the GT-350. However, the GT-350's updates focus on handling performance and not engine power.

Both models include exterior and interior upgrades that improve aerodynamics and reduce overall weight.

When it comes to performance, the GT-500 Signature Edition doesn't lack. This vehicle comes equipped with a new pulley and coolers for the engine to surpass 800 horsepowers. The lowered suspension is the inspiration for improved aggressive driving styles.

The GT500SE comes with a super-strong one-piece forged aluminum Monoblock wheels. These wheels are incredibly stiff, incredibly durable, and lightweight. These wheels allow the vehicle to utilize the supercharged 5.0-liter model.

All Signature Edition models come with luxurious upholstery, sporting snakeskin style patterns, and the iconic Shelby signature.

An upgraded high-flow/volume heat exchanger and intercooler effectively deliver improved heat transfer within the suspension for improved control.

The new dry carbon fiber hood decreases the weight of the vehicle by 30 pounds!

Optional features like wide-body modifications, decals, carbon fiber packages, Michelin Sport Cup 2 performance tires, and more are available.

Shelby also incentivizes the sale by granting exclusive perks to the first 15 customers. These perks include a one night stay in Las Vegas, an invitation to a party hosted by the tuning company, Shelby gear, and a framed registry certificate. Also, each SE sold provides medical assistance and helps fund scholarships via the Carrol Shelby Foundation.

This upgrade is limited to 100 per model year and makes you part of the Shelby family with an official Shelby serial number.

Visit the Shelby Website to learn more!

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