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Does your dealership know how to maintain relationships with old customers? 

Understanding the value of data mining is the first step. Your dealership can drive sales and profits by utilizing your previous data. This process involves analyzing your customers to identify which ones are the most motivated to make a purchase. 

At Paramount, we take data mining to another level. 

We find out your previous customers' finances, lifestyle, internet behavior, driving patterns, credit reports, and much more! This process is called equity mining. We focus on building rapport with your past customers to predict and understand their buying behavior to persuade them to make a purchase. We look at your customers' remaining payments, but we also consider manufacturer incentives, trade-in value, interest rates, and other variables that can identify and qualify the best prospects.

However, qualifying prospects is only the beginning. 

Nurturing and converting leads is another story. Most people don't know how to utilize their phones and email platforms efficiently. Selling cars is more than closing deals. It also involves creating personalized talking points to build rapport and to deliver the right messages to the right people. For example, some customers are genuinely not ready to purchase. That doesn't mean we don't nurture the relationship. We keep in contact until they're prepared to go to your showroom. At Paramount, we greet all opportunities with live agents and personalized messages. We won't bombard your customers with the same old email templates and robocalls. 

Do you have specialists committed to this role that can't produce? 

No problem, we have your back. Depending on your dealership's needs, we can enhance your staff with personalized demonstrations and resources guaranteed to increase your ROI.

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