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Sales and BDC Training

The best sales training program to understand every step of the sales process


When you trust Paramount Lead Solutions with your sales and customer service education, you can expect your team to transform right before your eyes. 

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We'll teach your staff how to prospect and engage with ALL your opportunities. 

Do you want to keep your BDC in-house?

We can train your team with our proven, data-driven, and quality-assured strategies. We have the top sales training program of 2020 with a curriculum focused on customer retention and conversion. 

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We deliver our program nationally

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Not only will we come to you, but we offer a virtual experience to access our expertise at ANYTIME! 

What you can expect:

Your team will increase sales activity from expert consultation and confidence building. 


 Show conversion will increase with your team's ability to analyze data before the customer arrives on site. 

Appointments will increase from the internet leads you already receive. We will show you effective methods to set and confirm appointments with realistic expectations. 


Customers will arrive at your dealership with confidence. They will understand your dealership values their business, you know their needs, and you care about the credibility of your dealership and personal ethics. 


Lead conversion, showroom traffic, shows, and sales all will increase by 30%.

You will realize an outstanding return on investment with Paramount Lead Solutions. 


• 3 times* ROI on our training program in Month One 

• 5 times* ROI with direct-dial campaigns 

• Unlimited ROI with fully trained sales staff 

* - Typical outcomes for clients participating in Paramount Lead Solutions training

Our curriculum focuses on behavior and adaptation 

Automotive sales are changing rapidly, and your team is dealing with a much more informed consumer. 

Our courses include:

Sales Pillars 

Internet Sales Essentials 

Account Management 

Leadership Success


Foundations to Prospecting

Sales Disciplines 

Advanced Negotiations 

Habits for Success 

Click HERE for our other services if you would like to use our outsourced BDC services to supplement your automotive sales.

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